Question on OAuth and Exchange Hybrid Wizard

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Hello!  Hope this is the right place and someone can help!  For our recent suite of Exchange Cumulative Updates, I had to add an Exchange OAuth Cert.  In the tech article it said Exchange Hybrid environments needed to re-run the Exchange Hybrid Setup Wizard.  I did NOT originally run it--someone else did--and this is obviously a production environment that I don't want to break.  So my question is....If I re-run the wizard, will it use all of the existing settings and JUST fix OAuth issue or do I need to be prepared to have connectors and other items replaced that I may need to tweak or clean up??


Thanks in advance!

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If the Hybrid wizard has run successful in the past, it will use the current settings when running the wizard. You will only change the Oauth settings in the wizard and leave the rest unchanged.



Thank you!!!  That was the answer I was hoping....and I assume it can be run from my workstation?


Yes, assuming that you can connect to the Exchange Server through remote PowerShell, you can run it from your domain joined computer.


From Create a hybrid deployment with the Hybrid Configuration wizard | Microsoft Docs

You need to run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard from a computer running the latest release of a supported version of on-premises Exchange, or from any domain-joined server or workstation capable of establishing remote PowerShell connections to the Client Access Server or Mailbox Server chosen for hybrid configuration.

Perfect! Thanks for all of your help!