Question about "internal" email address

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We are using AADConnect to sync users from on prem AD to AAD.  We have renamed a user id / email address, and everything has successfully changed and the user's new primary email / upn work great, but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to change the internal email address.


So is this statement true:  The internal account can NEVER be changed after it is created if you are using directory sync?

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Why do you even care about it? You can always add a new one to match the changed alias/name.

It is certainly not a big deal, and I know I can add the other one.



Just trying to clean it up after ourselves, and noticed I had no way of changing it and thought it was strange.

Hey Brent, yes it can never be changed unless you want to do a full tenant transfer, which once you get setup and going is a nightmare (2 day downtime for your domain etc).

I agree with Vasil, ultimately it should never be shown to your users or external sources once you have your actual domain configured, so it should not matter, and I would never tell my client to do a tenant transfer because of this point.

But ya, it cant be changed without a new account all together.