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When converting a mail box (apps@contoso.com) to a shared mail box with send as user1@contoso.com. Can mail still be able to send out from apps@contoso.com (note that not send from user1@contoso.com) ?



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Depends on what you mean. Shared mailbox on its own cannot send messages, as there are no credentials (no way to access it directly). Granting Send As permissions allows delegates to send messages using the apps@contoso.com address though.
apps@contoso.com is a normal mailbox before converted to shared mailbox. Application is using this address to send mail out from their applications. After converted apps@contoso.com to shared mailbox, the recipients are not receiving the mails. Correct me that this is the correct behavior ? If so, is there a work around?
How is the app authenticating? Logging in to a shared mailbox account directly is not a supported scenario.
The email is sent directly from an application with the "From: apps@contoso.com".
Correct me that this is not support?
Again, how is the app authenticating, if at all? Do you provide credentials, and for which account? Or do you use impersonation, or spoof the sender or?
The mail is sent out using program and the from field is apps@contoso.com. Since it is not an interactive session, there is no authentication.
It that case it should be sufficient to change the form field value.