Purge 'Recover Deleted Items' folder in Office 365/Exchange Online

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I have some users that I wish to remove all the items in the 'Recover Deleted Items' folder when the user goes to their 'Deleted Items' folder in Outlook on the Web.


I'm logged into powershell and trying to do this, but the command I'm finding on the web doesn't seem to work as it's for Exchange on Prem.


Search-Mailbox -Identity info@domain.com -SearchDumpsterOnly -DeleteContent


Any clue how to achieve this for Exchange Online. I've set the retention to 1 day, but want to purge them totally asap.



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You need to disable SingleItemRecovery, as when it's enabled deleted items end up in the Purges folder. The folder is not user accessible, but you will still see results when running Search-Mailbox.


And of course the mailbox should not be on any type of hold.