Public folders migration from Exchange 2013 OnPrem to EXO - Hybrid Approach


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I'm not an Exchange Expert so I would like to have your inputs in regards of recommendations to migrate Exchange 2013 Public Folders to EXO using the Hybrid approach cc @Vasil Michev @Tony Redmond @Paul Cunningham

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The important thing to remember is that even in a hybrid deployment, public folders can only exist in one place. Or rather, users can either access on-premises PFs or cloud PFs, but they cannot access folders in both places. So you have to make a choice where to host the PFs. My vote is in the cloud, but others prefer on-premises...

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This part is clear to me and I have found TechNet doc in regards about configurations to be done depending on where you want to have your public assuming in this scenario I would move PF from OnPrem to EXO: what's the best way to do it? According to my readings, Microsoft does not provide a way to move PF from Exchange 2013 to EXO so you need to rely on third party migration that correct?

If you have either old-style or modern PFs on Exchange 2013/2016, you can use the Microsoft tools to move them to EXO. See for the latest on this topic.


You use third-party tools when you a) want more control or flexibility with the migration (Binary Tree E2E Complete allows this) or b) you want to move PFs to non-PF destinations. Given the range of collaboration modalities available in Office 365, a good case can be made to move data out of PFs to shared mailboxes or Office 365 Groups. QUADROtech's ADAM tool will do that for you ( QUADROtech also offers a free analysis tool that you can run against a PF hierarchy to understand what data is actually present (and more importantly, is used) to help decide the best destination for PFs.





Thanks Tony, that's exactly what I was looking for!