Problems accessing options in owa

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Hi all,


i have 2 Exchange 2019 Servers (Version 15.2 (Build 721.2)). They were migrated from Exchange 2013, everything worked fine.

Now all users have the problem, if they open OWA and want access their options (they click on the gearwheel and select an option) there is an error message "There was a problem loading your options. Please try again".
There is no error message or any event in the logs showing an error or pointing to a problem.
The only option that works is "Design".
I recreated OWA with the UpdateCAS.ps1 Script but if did not solve the problem.

Can anybody help please?

Thank you very much in advance!!!

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I forgot to mention: If i type the ecp url into the address field, i can access the owa options. The Error only appears if I want to access the options through the menu with the gearbox.

Hey, sorry, I hit your post with "Best Answer" by accident.

Can you post a screen shot of what a user is seeing when this problem happens?

@stefanschwenk Hey, please check wether the ecp URL ist correctly published. Opening Options in OWA redirects to ECP. Any blocked Page via Loadbalancer etc. can prevent you from accessing those options and let's you end on an error Page