problem to send email to external recipients

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Hi everybody,

I have a problem with my exchange server, mails to external addresses seems to be sent but i receive nothing when i verify, and no error answer on the exchange side.

To train myself i installed exchange 2019 on a vm. I use Hyper-V for 2 VM:

- One used as a gateway with an external switch, AD DS, DHCP, DNS + a NIC on an the internal switch

- One with Exchange Server 2019 only with an internal switch


I encoutered a lot of problem but resolved it before, there is some service that still to not running because i don't know if it will be useful or not. In all cases i have no problem to send message on internal addresses.


I read by defayt there were no connector for external recipients then i added one with * for FDQN/IP, i tried several times.


Test-SmtpConnectivity: success for all
Test-IPconnection -Computername <googlesmtpaddress> -pot 25 => ping ok, tcp connection fail.

My domain name is only internal and i have no licence for exchange it's just a trial.

If someone can help me... I try to train myself with it because most of time, there is no real job for Network admins beginning in my country then i must be familiar with a lot of software before to work :\

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Hi @Daerlnaxe - You can try sending an email to an external recipient and the launch the Exchange Management Shell and run "Get-Queue" command. Check if the message is stuck in the queue and also look for the last error message. It should tell you what the problem is.

Thanks a lot !