Printer Friendly option for the Exchange Team Blog (You had me at ehlo)

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As I've been studying for the 70-345 I've found it particularly convenient to print certain TechNet pages (e.g. 'Use batch migration to migrate public folders to Exchange 2013') and also some fo the Exchange team blog entries (e.g. 'The Exchange 2016 Preferred Architecture').  I noticed how nice the printing experience is for TechNet, while it is best for the blog entries to copy / paste into Word and then cleanup some of the formatting, then print.  I don't know if this is the right forum for this request/suggestion, but hopefully it's not a problem that I've chosen to ask for this here and hopefully it's something that can be instated without too much effort.

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Well, an easy way to do this is to use the RSS feed or simply send the page to OneNote and clean it up. It's a nice idea though, I'll send it to some folks on the Exchange team to see what they think about it and whether anything can be implemented,

Thank you. Here's hoping they have an eager frontend web developer just waiting on the bench, who is good with printer-friendly CSS.