prevent sending emails to personal account

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Hello, I wonder if there is a way to stop employees from sending emails to their personal accounts (i.e. gmail, yahoo, or hotmail). or at least notify the Exchange admin with such activities or force the user to get his manager approval on sending emails to his personal account (i.e. approval workflow).

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@Jehad_Abu_Sultan If you want to block automatic forwarding you can follow below:-
Go to ecp > mail flow > Remote Domains > '+' icon > in the Remote domain add domain you want to block auto forwarding of emails and uncheck 'Allow automatic forwarding'.

If you simply do not want them to send any emails to these domains, you'll have to create transport rules for that.

For approval also you need to set up a transport rule.



@DeepakRandhawa, many thanks for the response. on the other hand, I wonder if I can force users to request approval on sharing files externally. thus, OneDrive prompts for Approval when sharing externally.

Approval from who? No; there is no approval mechanism when sharing contents from (individual) OneDrive folders externally. You can block it. Access requests are processed identically, coming from external or internal (provided sharing its allowed).

@Michel de Rooij

Actually, my question has a background which is once an employee submits their notice, any files that will be shared to an outside account would need to be approved by their supervisor before leaving to the recipient. I'm wondering if Microsoft flow can be used in this case