Prevent External Email from getting Outside Org Banner

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Currently we have a rule that adds a banner to every email received from outside the organization; however, we recently hires vendor to process our alert for the organization. This vendor is using, but when we receive the email it has the outside the organization banner.


What must I do to allow the vendor to send emails without a banner to my users.



-Our MX records is pointed to a third party Content Filter appliance for email and the appliance point to Exchange Online

-Exchange Server 2013 - hybrid, only used service account mailbox and smtp relay

-All users mailbox is located in Exchange Online

-User Azure AD Connect



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Hi @Larry Jones 


What rule are you using to add the banner? If it's a transport rule within Exchange Online you should be able to specify a exception if the email comes from a specific address or another appropriate parameter. 

@Larry Jones 

A rule exception in the current rule for this sender or create a new rule at a higher priority than the "Banner" rule  for this sender that stops processing other rules.