Prepend Message If Sent Between Certain Time

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Dear All


I would really like to prepend a message to any internal emails that are sent after 7pm and before 7am that says something like "This email has been delivered but please consider yours and your colleagues' work life balance and refrain from sending work-related emails out-of-hours". Ideally, the message will then still be delivered but with a CC: added which is the sender so they also see the prepended message. 


I haven't been able to find a way of achieving this in Mail Flow Rules. Has anyone done something similar or have any suggestions?


Thanks so much for your help



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There's no built-in solution for this, it's mostly a behavioral issue anyway. What you can try is schedule a PowerShell script to automatically enabled/disable mail flow rule that performs such action, based on a predefined schedule. Say, every day at 7PM, enable the rule, then at 7AM the next day, disable it.
I do understand it is a cultural/behavioural issue, but I just wanted to support our staff with setting the culture as in the beginning it can be easily forgotten when they are in the habit of emailing after hours. Many thanks for your suggestion - I'll have a think about whether this is going to be practical.
Many thanks, I will do!