PowerShell to find a secondary calendar for a user

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I have a user who created a leadership calendar for the leadership to put special meetings and out of office business travel information and shared it with the leadership team, but I can't seem to find it using PowerShell and I need to add new members to that calendar. I also have to say it was started in Google Workspace and when we moved to M365 it was migrated. I would still like to find these secondary calendars. If this has been answered, please link the other post. If not, please let me know how to find a secondary calendar with PowerShell.

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Without knowing the location, only thing you can do is enumerate all user's Calendar folders and sift through them. Don't you have the folder configured in someone's Outlook client? If so, check the folder properties, under Location it will give you the path to the folder.
I do but they all say this calendar belongs to them and that's the issue. If I could find out how to list secondary calendars maybe I could find it or if there was some other way to find that information in PowerShell.