PowerShell: "Access Denied" rather than "Command not Found"

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Hi Everybody,


one of the classic issues with the Good ol' Exchange Shell has been that when you don't have the necessary permissions, the error you get is "Command not Found" rather than "Access Denied" or even better "Insufficient Privileges, need 'XYZ' permissions to run command".


Given the way there are different versions of exchange - on-prem varieties and later cloud - one could never know: Did I do a typo? Is the code I use for another version of exhange?

Especially for newcomers, "Do I have enough rights?" often enough didn't even make the list of questions one wonders...


But with the new Exchange Online module design, this could change!


Given the way the current preview version rearchitects the connection mechanism, now would be the perfect time to switch modes for minimal effort, to have the red error message actually tell you what is wrong, all without breaking anything.


There is just one question:

Is there actually a public interest in having that happen? Because if nobody cares, why make the effort?

So ...


... if you want this to happen, like this post, so that the interest can be seen.


Note: There obviously is no guarantee this will happen, no matter the voice count, but now is the best time to do it if it were to be done.

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