Possible to show forwarding address instead of original sender?

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We use a ticketing system that accepts forwarded mail and puts the mail into categories, based on the forwarded address (like helpdesk@company,com or


I  have enabled forwarding via a contact in the Exchange Management Console, and that works fine.  The problem is that the end recipient system needs have the emails from the forwarded account ( and not the original sender.  It appears this this is by design in Exchange; anyone know a work-around? 

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Hi @TomCSB, as far as know  you just have to create an Inbox rule  with "forward to" action.

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@Victor Ivanidze 


Thank you.  That does not work, but we do have forwarding disabled on the default remote domain.  Instead, I used the mailbox options to have mail forwarded to a contact and that seems to work. 

Hi @TomCSB, it seems I mean the same thing ;)