Possibility to change move request more than 100

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Dear All, 


We are in the middle of moving mailbox from exchange server 2016 to exchange 2019. we are using powershell to run moverequest for individual mailbox, however there a limitation of 100 concurrent mover request which slows the entire process. 


Our goal is to move all mailbox to exchange 2019 ASAP and decommission exchange 2016. 


Would like to seek some advices and suggestion how to make the transition process faster and less time consuming 


Thank you all in advanced. 


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@Don_Vlogeer Did you have a look at https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/52401.exchange-2019-increase-mailbox-mov... - seems to address your problem.


Besides that the limitation ist set for reasons (mailbox availability, throttling protection). You should be aware of that.


I found an article about the cmdlet "Get-/Set-MigrationConfig" which might work for Exchange online only. Maybe this one could help either.


Regards & good luck