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Hello experts,


Please look at this scenario.


Office 365 / Exchange Online


Email arrives from different senders on the Internet. The emails contains photos and other types of attachments. When the emails arrive they are forwarded to an external address for converting all the attachments into PDF-files and then they are imported into a case management system. This far, everything is good. On the way out to the scanning system all emails are archived by a transport rule.


My issue is:


Sometimes the scanning breaks because the incoming email contains corrupted or unsupported attachments. In this case I would like to open up the archived email and then remove the corrupted/unsupported attachment and then resend the email so that it has the correct sender. This failes no matter what I do permissionwise.


If I just forward the email it, of course, works, but in that case the email is... Forwarded which means the sender address is not valid anymore (I become the sender which is not what I want).


The forwarding address is always the same and I can configure a connector to the external scanning system if that helps.


Is there anything that can be done to be able to resend a message originating from random external sender?


Let's be creative!! :)



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There's nothing in Exchange and/or Outlook that I can think of that will allow you to do this. And there is no way for them to know when an attachment is "broken", you will have to do this part manually. Perhaps some custom macro/VBA code that gets executed when you press a button in Outlook would do?

Thanks for your reply!


It happens if you set a forwarding address on a mailbox. Like when using the targetaddress attribute on on-prem Exchange. In that case, Exchange sends out an email that has a random, external address as the sender address.


I would simply like to do the same thing, but without having a forwarding address set.

Yeah, but forwarding is an all or nothing operation, you cannot have it for some email only. An Inbox rule can be used instead, but again, how will the server know which message has "broken" attachments?