Outlook Online - add resource calendar

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Hello, in my Exchange Online i have 4 resource calendars.

This calendars are shared.

How can I add these calendars to my users (automatically) to theire Outlook Online?

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Do you want to add them for all users, or specific ones? Generally speaking, there is no easy solution for this, the only way to automatically add a Calendar is via Full access permissions/automapping. You can "share" them with individual users, which will then receive an email from which they can "Add" the calendar, if that's an acceptable solution you can use the Add-MailboxFolderPermission cmdlet with the -SendNotificationToUser switch.
Hi Vasil,
Thanks for response.
I want add resource calendar for all users in their Outlook.
I have 250+ people in organization - so I want to automatically "push" resource calendar in their Outlook Web Application.
There is no other way other than providing full access with automapping true unfortunately.