Outlook Mobile Introduces Its Own Delegation Model for Mailbox Access


Outlook Mobile now allows users to create delegates for their mailbox in the app without going near administrators. Sounds good, but Outlook Mobile uses its own delegation model, meaning that its permissions don’t work with OWA or Outlook desktop. Using its own permissions might make Outlook Mobile users happy, but it’s a very strange approach to take when the access doesn’t work in the other clients.


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This is one way good, thanks for sharing Tony!

Other clients need Root level Folder Visible permission that Outlook Mobile is probably bypassing and just looking at Inbox/Calendar/Contacts folder permission which is being gratned via this mothod.

Also it would be helpful if Microsoft publishes the guide on how to disable this across the board so the users won't be able to create their own delegates, much needed for large financial firm who needs to control who can share folder whith whom for compliance reason etc...