Outlook Mobile Delegate Access for Exchange Online Mailboxes



Outlook Mobile now supports delegate access to Exchange Online mailboxes. By granting fuil access to a delegate, they can open and work with a mailbox, and send messages using the SendAS or SendOnBehalfOf permissions. The new feature underscores the advantage Outlook mobile enjoys over other mobile Office 365 email clients.



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Hi Tony -do you know if this is supported for Outlook mobile with an all premise Exchange Server env?

@Tony Redmond - thanks, that seems to be the general consensus. We are checking in with our PG but in the meantime, one of my team mates sent the following:

  1.  Mobile clients connect to on-premises exchange through one of three connection options (Active Sync, IMAP, or POP)
  2.  Active Sync is the most feature rich of these three connection options
  3.  Active Sync does not support delegate access

@Julia Liua  You could short-circuit the process and simply ask @Ross Smith IV - I bet he would know off the top of his head.


Exchange ActiveSync is the lowest common denominator for mobile connectivity at this point. The EAS protocol doesn't include delegate access, which is the point your colleague is making.

@TonyRedmond There are no plans to support delegate/shared calendar or mailbox support in Exchange ActiveSync (ActiveSync doesn’t support syncing permissions) which is the protocol used between Exchange on-premises and Exchange Online for data synchronization with Outlook mobile. These are spelled out as not supported in http://aka.ms/hmaom. 

@Ross Smith IV See... I knew you'd know the answer. 


@Julia Liua was having problems finding the answer inside Microsoft. I know it's a big company, but it is pretty funny when people come here for answers... (but nice too).