Outlook is crashing when responding to certain people.

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Right now someones Outlook is crashing immediately when they reply to certain people and hit send. My original steps were repairing office and rebooting, checking for updates which there were none, running Outlook in safe mode, where it still occurred, creating a new profile, and I reached out to Microsoft live chat, and they told me to post here.


After doing some research, I found out some images in signatures might cause the mentioned issue since it's with certain people only, but I can't ask someone to edit their company wide email signature. I'm not 100% that it's this, but it's the only other thing I can think of that would make sense that I've found.


Is there something else I can try or a possible work around besides having her use her email in a browser? We use Office 2016. If you need any other information, let me know.

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Hi @gino8807 
Well it definitely sounds like you have some huge issues, that most likely are located locally on that specific device.
Could you please verify the following:
The end-user can reply to the email from another device running Outlook
The end-user can reply to the email from an mobile device

When you have verified this, we have located the issue to the specific device.
Next step from here, would be to test to rename the SRS file for the specific profile:

  1. Turn off Outlook
  2. Browse to C:\Users\xx\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook
  3. Locate the profilename.srs
  4. Rename the profilename.srs to profilenameOLD.srs
  5. Start Outlook and try to send the email once more

@Pontus Själander Fixed it but unfortunately not with your method, which I just saw. Reinstalling Office entirely fixed it.