Outlook Device Policy screen presenting unexpectedly when installing Outlook for Android

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Since monday of this week (29/07) I've had reports from end user seeing an "outlook device policy screen" , screenshots in the following post.


I wasn't aware of any changes being made at the tenant level that would have caused this. 


Is anyone else seeing this ? Is there a typical reason why this happens (i.e. does it normally turn out that someone will say.. "Oh , you mean , that change.. I didn't realise etc."



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We are still seeing these messages appearing and now there are "activate device adminstrator" messages appearing in Outlook for Android too.


Devices upon which Apps  were installed before we started seeing the messages are now displaying the messages too.


Is there a resource that I can point our admin too to say "check here .. if there is a setting configured to 'yes' switch it back to 'No' "