Out of Office sending internal message to external recipients

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Hi folks


We're running Exchange Online. Our users run Outlook clients and are given the option to set separate internal and external Out of Office automatic replies.


However, it appears that only the internal replies are being sent - even when responding to external users. I've tested this with a number of accounts and this appears to be a company-wide issue, and I think the issue sits with something on the Exchange side.


I have tried switching off auto-responses on Outlook and also in OWA, and then setting up the OOF within the EAC. Same occurs.


Any ideas?




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Seems to work fine here. If you can reliably reproduce this, best open a support case.
I am experiencing this same issue with an internal exchange server. Did you find a fix for this issue?

Hi @MattH79 


Can you check the Remote Domains

Get-RemoteDomain | ft Name, DomainName, *oof*






@Andres Bohren 

Thank you for this. This command returend InternalLegacy I believe or something with 'Legacy'.  We set this to External and now our OOF external unique messages are being sent properly.

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