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I've a Microsoft Exchange 2016 server.

Our users are in trouble with the OOF settings.

The problem is: when an user activate it and a sender send to it an email, the OOF is working but the sender receive it into the SPAM box and don't see the automatic reply.
How we can solve this problem?
If an internal user write to another internal user, the mail doesn't go into the SPAM box but directly into the Inbox.

Thanks for the help.

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If you can get the header for the message that is detected as spam, that will give you some insights into why and then you can take some actions on remediating that. Microsoft has a header analyser tool here: https://mha.azurewebsites.net/ but there are other tools that do similar things.

the messagge is more simple.
The problem is that the sender receive it in SPAM.
It's look like that is a problem of the sender, but this issue is with everyone write to our users.
There's a command to check the OOF settings?

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You can check details of the configuration via the Get-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration cmdlet in PowerShell.
When I referred to the getting the header, it was for the message that was detected as spam, so yes, you would need to speak to that person and ask them to send the header to you so you can analyse it and determine why it's being detected as spam.