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We have successfully established an Organization Relationship between two Office 365 tenants.
The calendar information for both organizations can be viewed with all details such as date, time and location.
Now to my question:
I am looking for a solution, that a user of organization A can create a calendar entry in organization B – the explanation is, that the users of organization A needs to manual create appointments for users in organization B - directly in their calendars.
I have given the Anonymous and Standard - Editor rights in all calendars. Adding the user directly to the calendar has been done, too - but I cannot add the right editor to a user not in the organization (not even with PowerShell)
The OrganizationRelationship record also does not allow any other type of permission than the None, AvailabilityOnly, and LimitedDetails.
If you have a idea for a solution - how to enable users not in your organization to create calendar entries - this would help us tremendously.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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What you are asking for is cross-tenant delegate permissions, which are simply not available yet. Org relationships are limited to *viewing* free/busy information, nothing more.

Hello Vasil,

thank you very much for this information and your quick reply.

Do you have any information when this feature will be available?

Do you have a workaround solution / suggestion?

Thank you very much


We know that Microsoft is looking into this, but they haven't shared anything concrete yet.