Option to merge contents of online archive when disabling it

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Has anyone suggested this yet?  How about an option that is made available when disabling the Online Archive for a mailbox that will merge/restore the contents of the archive mailbox back into the main mailbox as it's disabled.  There used to be a fairly clean, if not scary way of doing this with a new-mailboxrestorerequest after you disable the archive, but it doesn't work anymore (requires source mailbox to be disconnected, but they don't fully disconnect anymore presumably to make re-connecting archives simpler) and PSTs need to get involved.  Would be nice if it could just be a one-click option in the GUI.

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It has been suggested alright, but like many other user-favorite features it will likely take the Exchange folks 10 years to implement it :) Your best option currently is to use an EWS-based script such as the one here: https://github.com/David-Barrett-MS/PowerShell-EWS-Scripts/blob/master/Legacy/Merge-MailboxFolder.ps...

@VasilMichev Thanks for the link.  I had seen this option crop up while googling around, but I'll give it a closer look.  I appreciate the response!!!