Optimal Settings for Manual Patching of Exchange 2019

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Hey All, 

So question about ensuring your Exchange 2019 servers do not automatically patch and reboot.  I thought I had my servers set in using the sconfig utility and setting automatic updates to manual.  Come to find out today that all four of my Exchange 2019 servers still automatically rebooted.  Upon inspection, come to find out this was due to the April OS updates.   Reviewed settings some more and in the OS updates GUI 'Windows Update' under the 'Advanced Options' the switch to 'Give me updates for other Microsoft products ... " was enabled.  And waaaaaaaaaay off to the right is a subtle Note: "Windows Update might update itself automatically first when checking for other updates."  My questions are as follows: 
1.  Is this the reason the OS ignored my wishes to keep the OS in manual update mode?

2.  Are there any other little hidden areas that need to be modified to keep my Exchange servers from rebooting automatically?

3.  Is it a preference to use GPOs to keep this behavior in check and if so documentation on all the T's to cross and I's to dot so that my Exchange servers do not go automatically updating and rebooting themselves?  


I appreciate everyone's time in advance.

Kind Regards, 

Alex Levin

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