One Mail Box drive is filling gradually

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Dear Experts,

We are using Microsoft Exchange 2013 in a Virtual Windows Server 2012 R2. We have different Mail box data base storage. Among them one of the Drive for STD-Mailbox space is gradually filling. Bellow warning is showing in vRealize Operations Manager.


"One or more guest file systems of the virtual machine are running out of disk space. Check the symptom details to identify the affected guest file system".

Kindly advice how stop.


Thanks a lot.



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We're missing a lot of detail here.

The host server is reporting that the guest VM has a full drive? And that drive is hosting a mailbox database?
You'll have to revisit your design documentation.  

Expanding a drive is supported.  

You can create a new DB on new storage and move mailboxes.

Are you doing backups? If no, how many transaction logs do you have?
Are you aware of what is filling the drive?

When the drive gets to full, you will experience back pressure (throttling) of mail flow.  Your mail queues will build until there is room to safely deliver a message.