On-premise Exchange 2016 Installation

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Is it best practice to install Exchange 2016 on the C: or a different drive, i.e. D:?

Logs, queue database, etc. use a lot of space and default to the install path.

Is it a better choice install to the default location then move the logs, queue database, etc. file paths to another drive?


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Hi Daniel

I would recommend installing Exchange to the default path. Moving it to a different drive may cause issues.


Robin Nishad

Default path is easiest, but make sure you size Exchange properly before you start. The amount of email you send and the Shadow Copy duration value matter as the mail.que database stores all sent and received emails on the server for this duration and you need the disk space for this. IIS and Exchange client access logs do not clean themselves up automatically but transport logs clean up if they get to large or exceed 30 days. See https://c7solutions.com/2013/04/removing-old-exchange-2013-log-files-html which is a script I wrote to ensure you do not exceed available disk space.