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I am reviewing calendar sharing options with an external org. We have Organization sharing setup, and it works fine such that when employees are creating meetings, they can see free/busy info from the employees of the external org just fine. 

We are continuing on to try and allow it so employees in each org can actually add other (external) employee's calendars to Outlook. I have the Individual Sharing Policy set correctly I believe, but external folks still can't add my calendar to Outlook. I assume that even with the policies setup correctly, I would still need to set the sharing settings / permissions on my calendar specifically?

I am also noticing that when looking at my calendar in Outlook (calendar --> properties --> permissions), my options look different... I only see an entry for "My Organization" (no "default" or "anonymous") and a very basic permission set? Is this normal? I checked a few others in our org and theirs do not look like mine...



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You'll have to set permissions indeed, or best have an admin configure an organizaitonal relationship:

@Vasil Michev 

Yes, an organizational relationship is setup already, and that seems to work fine... users in each organization can create new meetings and the scheduling assistant shows free/busy info just fine. 

What we are trying to do now is allow users from Org A to add users' calendars from Org B in Outlook (desktop), so they can overlay calendars and see free/busy without having to create a meeting (and use the scheduling assistant to see availability).

Right now, users get the following error when attempting to add a calendar:









You still need to adjust permissions even when org relationship is in place. The Default level only applies to internal users.