Office Home & Business 2019 windows 10 pro notifications for new email

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Hope you can help for I have made all the relevant changes I could find to enable this function.

I am not receiving new email notifications from Outlook Home & Business 2019 in the notification and action centre and the Outlook icon in the taskbar doesn't change to an envelope icon.


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office support sent me here to ask the question seeing I am using an Exchange service and the agent only asked what service am I using without asking any further questions about the application setup. It feels like he sent me here to get rid of me, not happy for I think this is the wrong forum for this issue.

Hello @Conor_Mullan


Have you checked the Focus Assist settings already ?






Hi @SouravChoudhary thank you for your reply, Focus assist is off, Message arrival - Show an envelop icon in the taskbar is checked, Notifications and alerts outlook is checked for banners and sounds, priority is normal.

All suggestions are welcome encase I have overlooked a minor detail.


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