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I was trying to define a rule in Exchange administration to redirect emails from extern sender´s from an internal address to another address and also notify the sender with a message, if he is from outside of my organization.
I dont want to reject the messages, but although teeling the customers that correct email to send is the other I want to redirect to, they dont do it.
Redirect email with rules is easy but, notify the sender it´s giving me a hard time. I try to use policy tips but I have to define that the message have some kind of 
sensitive content, and I have no parameter wich applies to all messages, and this kind of policy tips normaly apply to inside organization senders.
The parameter to apply the rule is a simple from outside to that specific address, and I was hoping to keep it that way, as simples as that.
Can anyone help? Any solutions?

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Policy tips have a different use case, they will not help you here. In fact, there isn't any action associated with transport rules that can result in sending a custom reply like the one you want. So in your case, you're better setting an Outlook/Inbox rule which triggers upon receiving a new message, or just configure an autoreply on the "redirect" address mailbox.

Thank you for the anwser. I´m sorry for not had replied until now.
The email that I want to redirect to, is external and sub domain of may primary Email domain.
Simple the client´s, although tould to send to other email, they keep sending to a team email, that should be cloused for the outside of the organization, but isn´t.
I made a redirect rool for all email´s from outside the orgazition domain to the correct email, that was what I intended to do. But Workers have to continue teeling the client to not do that. The idea was to configure the notification with rules or somenting like that. If it was a normal account it would by a lot more easier.

Have a look at this tool.

Quite interesting the tool, but not what I was expecting.

@Deleted wrote:

Quite interesting the tool, but not what I was expecting.

Well, what exactly  you were expected?

Thank you for your response.

But I think Microsoft should have a nice "clean" solution to relay email from a distribution list to another, and can notify the outside sender with a message. The problem is that the 2 email´s, are two distribution/security lists.