Notifications on autoaccepted meetings with room or equipment mailbox

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Hi there,

the following use case drives me nuts... it‘s so valid, so easy, but there is really no good solution for it in Exchange.

Users can create meetings an invite rooms or equipment mailboxes.
Those meetings are automatically accepted if there is no conflict.
No, we don’t want to have those approved, because of too much work on regular processes.
There are room / equipment responsibles (put into the mailbox settings as delegates).
Those will only be informed if there is a conflict.

We want:
- the delegates to be informed when a meeting is autoaccepted by the system
- optionally: inform the delegates short before meeting as with regular meetings where people are invited directly

I spent plenty of time crawling the internet but it seems that nobody really managed it.
The proposed solution of transport rules is not working as the accepted: prefix may vary due to different languages used by different users (en, fr, de, ...).

Sorry, but I can’t understand that those usecases are not supported as they are basic for handling of reservations of rooms (e.g. for catering) or equipment (e.g. fleet managers).

Thanks a lot for your input

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Hello@matthias_fleschuetz ! 

I agree with you, this is quite a big hole in the design. 


Sadly I dont know a way either to actually get this working with the native Exchange Tools. 

My best suggestion would be to use transport rules, but you said that it didnt quite work for your organizational needs. 


Maybe you could set up a simple inbox rule for the resource mailboxes that says something like 

"If my name is in the to or cc box, forward the mail to "delegates" " 

I think this is a good thing to try out, a bit manual but might work. 


Other than than, maybe PowerAutomate ( previously know as flow ) or Azure Functions could save you? 


I would try the Inbox rule as a first step to see if that works for you. 


Kind Regards

Hi @oliwer_sjoberg 


thanks for your feedback.

Yes, the rules might work but it is really manual and easy to fail if something changes in delegations. I wanted to set this up with RBAC groups...:-/


I found some posts about people trying to solve it with Flow which seems not to be ideal as well, because the triggers didn't work on shared equipment mailboxes...


Let's try...



No problem! @matthias_fleschuetz 


Agreed, very manual and many fault domains :p 
Maybe works better if you use a mail-enabled security group for delegation ( if youre not doing that already of course ) 

Let me know how it goes! :) 


Kind regards