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Exchange NonOwnerAccessReport

I want to run a NonOwnerAccessReport in Exchange 2019 on prem, but I alway get empty results.

The same is true when I want to run a RoleGroupChangesReport.


What I did:

  1. Via powershell, I made sure that special mailboxes will be audited:

Set-Mailbox "username" -AuditEnabled $true

  1. I made sure that those mailboxes are affected with the following command:

Get-Mailbox | Format-List Name,AuditEnabled

  1. I assigned the role "Compliance Management" to my admin account
  2. I made some changed to the role assignment in general
  3. I added my user as a delgate of a test-mailbox, accessed this mailbox and read and deleted some mails.
  4. I tried to run the above mentioned reports.


I tried this in different flavors, and also added further security roles to my admin account. Unfortunately, I always get an empty report.


What did I miss here?


Thanks for any help,


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