New-GlobalAddressList Error with -RoomList


I'm getting error while creating new GAL Policy: All room list "IT Rooms" was not found. Please make sure you typed the identity correctly.

However the group exists - showing the GroupType: Universal.

Name DisplayName GroupType PrimarySmtpAddress
---- ----------- --------- ------------------
IT Rooms202106101xxxx IT Rooms Universal


Any idea, what's wrong on it?

The AAD uses AD Connect to sync objects.

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You need to provide an address list object, not a room list (distribution group).

@Vasil Michev 

You're right!


The paramater for -RoomList is not a RoomList but AddressList. Same as for -AddressLists. Even if this will be an empy list.
New-AddressBookPolicy [-Name] <String> -AddressLists <AddressListIdParameter[]> -GlobalAddressList <GlobalAddressListIdParameter> -OfflineAddressBook <OfflineAddressBookIdParameter> -RoomList <AddressListIdParameter>


Thank you!