modifying distribution groups.

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Since deploying Exchange 2016 CU3 users have lost the ablity to update distribution lists via outlook on the web. you use to be able to go to Options > then previous version of options > Other > Go To Earlier Version . well since installing CU3 that is gone and uses who manage DL's can nolonger do so. Does anyone know if that moved some where i am not seeing or if there is permission that is missing.?

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looks as if you go to /ecp you can get to the legacy ECP. sure would be nice and keep it user friendly if this was not the case.

It should be under /owa/?path=/options/distributiongroups


At least this is for O365 :)

Thanks Vasi. It just too bad they removed from being easy to get to from the users option within Outlook on the web.

This is a known issue in CU3 and should be fixed in CU4