Mobile device mailbox details in Exchange Online not shown after new Exchange Admin Center

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Hi everyone!

I have encountered an issue with the new Exchange Online Admin Center. In the old admin center, I could easily view and validate quarantined mobile device details, allowing me to make informed decisions about allowing authentic devices to connect to Outlook App.

However, in the new Exchange Online Admin Center, when I navigate to the user mailbox and click on "Manage Mobile Devices," the quarantined devices are displayed but without any device information. This lack of information makes it challenging for me to allow or remove a device from quarantine effectively. I am unable to view the last sync attempt or any other device details.

I kindly request assistance from Microsoft regarding this matter as it poses a potential security breach. Please take a look at the attached screenshots for reference. In the old admin center, I could view device details, whereas the new admin center only offers options to Allow, Delete, Block, or Wipe the devices.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Hi @kyevi 


I think Microsoft has a lot to do in this specific part (Mobile Device) in the new Exchange Admin Center.

even the possibility to see the mobile has been recently added to the EAC.


Meanwhile, You can use exchange online PowerShell to view and manage quarantined mobile devices.
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Hi all!

FYI - Microsoft has just fixed it. Now we can see the device details in the new Exchange Admin Center!!!


Thank you all!