Migration of user mailboxes from exchange server to exchange online

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I have plans to migrate mailbox data from exchange server to exchange online. The current condition is that user identity from AD on premise has been synchronized to Entra ID and smarthost on the exchange server has been created. Users on the exchange server can see users and contacts on exchange online, and vice versa.


My question is, is it still necessary for HCW to migrate user mailbox data under these conditions or is it enough to setup the migration on the online exchange to start migrating user mailbox data?

I still don't really understand the use of HCW.


Please explain, thank you.

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Begin is migration from Exchange Online Admin Center.


Thanks for the answer.

If the current Exchange Server condition has 4 servers and implements DAG then 2 active HA servers are in city A and 2 passive HA servers are in city B, what is the migration mechanism for user mailboxes to Exchange Online?

If all four Exchange Servers exist in an Active Directory single domain environment, the Exchange Online Migration mechanism proceeds based on Active.