Migration of Alias accounts & Mailing Lists from existing IMAP server

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I am migrating a IMAP server, and from the account side of things, it seems pretty straightforward managing and monitoring alias account. I have two questions in addition:


1) Alias accounts. On my existing server I have alias@domain.com which forwards to an external address at name@domain2.com I have many of these accounts for individuals who are tied to the organization but are not employees. I am looking to mirror this functionality. I have read about a distribution list for each of these addresses, and then creating a contact for the name@domain2.com individual and specifying delivery to that contact in the distribution list, is this the most efficient way to handle this?


2) Mailing lists/groups - Similar to above I have a committtee@domain.com which is managed on my existing server and contains individuals both inside and outside of the company. The limitation is that it will only accept mail delivery between the individuals on the list, no access otherwise. Is there a solution to replicate this functionality. 


In both of my cases, I do not wish to offer a mailbox to these individuals, simply using the Exchange server as a relay to an external domain.


Thank you to everyone in advance, I look forward to working more with O365 moving forward.

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