Migration from On Premise Exchange to EXOL - Resync User Mailbox When Suspended

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Greetings - In the process of moving a 50GB VIP mailbox from Exchange 2016 to Exchange Online (literally the last one in the firm).  The user has an online archive in EXOL so I'm forced to use the New-MoveRequest command versus a batch via the console.  We would like to manually force the completion of the migration due to scheduling concerns with the user.  Normally this isn't an issue with a batch as the migration resyncs the mailbox every evening.  However with the New-MoveRequest with -PreventCompletion or -SuspendWhenReadyToComplete the mailbox doesn't resync at all. We want to get the mailbox as close to synced as possible before completing the migration to prevent downtime for the user.  Can anyone offer suggestions on how to accomplish this?  TIA!

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You should be able to use a batch migration when the user has an online archive. Why are you not able to?
A cutover doesn't provide any more downtime then would normally occur. The process is when you complete the move request that a final delta sync occurs of the mailbox in the background, similar to what occurs every 24 hours. The user will not be impacted by this occurring. Once that completes, the cutover process goes through the reconfiguration of their AD account and they will be required to restart Outlook so that the Outlook profile is re-configured to point to the mailbox in EXO.
Outlook on the web is there if the user has issues with their Outlook client immediately after cutover