Migrating forward-only emails from IMAP server

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I'm testing a trial of M365 Standard and have picked up a problem with my email addresses.  I currently have four or five email addresses for old staff that are no longer with us, and these emails are set up to forward to another email so we don't lose anything.   Occasionally we still get emails through these addresses, so decommissioning them completely is not an option.


I want to migrate the old data from the server to M365 (to keep all our historical data in the one place) and continue to forward any new emails that come in to an actual M365 user.  


I considered creating a shared email address for each one...... I found a 'Manage Email Forwarding' link under one of my staff's user details in the M365 Admin Centre, however this link is not available for the users that were created by the shared emails, there is a message saying 'This user doesn't have an Exchange Online license.'  I could leave them set up as shared emails but this isn't perfect, as to get access to the mail in those mailboxes without forwarding it appears I would need to log into each mailbox individually, or have each mailbox set up in Outlook and check them individually.


How would you migrate those mailboxes?  I can't really see a way to do it, however I am completely inexperienced with Exchange so I may just be missing a simple way to do it.


Thankyou :)

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login to outlook.office365.com/ecp and under Recipients > Shared
search your shared mailbox and double click and once next window opens go to 'Mailbox Features' and under mailflow you should be able to find forwarding option, you can add the address in people picker window.