Migrating Exchange 2013 from On Premise to Azure

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Hello Experts!

I am looking to migrate Exchange 2013 running on Onpremise to migrate on Azure or new different datacenter.  2 VMs for CAS+Mbx (DAG1), 2 VMs for Mbx(DAG2), 2 VMs for SMTP, 2 VMs for Edge Transport running on esx host.

I will have express route VPN and requirement infrastructure deployed. I have below 2 queries-

  • Once co existence configured and Exchange 2013 Infrastructure running on IaaS promoted as Internet facing CAS, will there by any redirection required to legacy on-premise Exchange 2013 infrastructure will this work smooth or any issues are expected?
  • If I deploy 2 Servers (CAS/MBX) having both the roles, can I use DAG for mailbox server high availability and Azure LB for CAS Load balancing.

I know Exchange running on Azure IaaS is less recommended due to cost and other factors and O365 is recommended solution but this is one of requirement hence please suggest if we have any other solution.

I went thru this article and we don't have hyper v as of now: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/exchange-2013-virtualization-exchange-2013-help?redirected...


Thank you.

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