Migrate all emails from a shared folder to shared mailbox

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Is it possible to forward emails of a shared folder of an account to a shared mailbox?

We had a shared folder containing lots of emails, now a shared mailbox created to use instead of that folder but we need to migrate old emails to new mailbox.

Can i forward all emails of a folder once? or, Can i set POP only limited to certain folder?

The folder and shared mailbox are in Outlook 365 of same Company.



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Sure, manually you can do that. Why not export to a pst then import to the new mailbox? Or give yourself rights to each and simply copy the messages from one location to the other using Outlook?

Do i need Outlook desktop to export/import PST?
and How to "copy the messages from one location to the other using Outlook"?
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Yes, unless you are doing a compliance search, you cant export to a pst from Office 365, so use Outlook.

To copy, give yourself permissions to both mailboxes so you can open in one profile in Outlook then copy from one folder to the other.