Microsoft Reducing Recovery Time for ex-Inactive Mailboxes to 30 Days



Microsoft plans to reduce the recovery period for inactive mailboxes newly released from retention holds and policies from 183 to 30 days. The change will be implemented worldwide by the end of September. The reduction in recovery time sounds seriously but it’s really not. If you haven’t figured out that you need to recover some data from an old inactive mailbox within 30 days, the data probably isn’t needed. And anyway, if you really want to, you can keep inactive mailboxes forever.

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I believe that Microsoft's plans to reduce the recovery period for inactive mailboxes is a positive development. The reduction from 183 days to 30 days will make it easier for users to recover important data that may have been inadvertently deleted or lost due to retention policies.

Some may argue that the reduction in recovery time is not significant enough, but I believe that it is more than sufficient. In my experience, if a user has not realized the need to recover data from an inactive mailbox within 30 days, it is likely that the data is not critical and can be safely discarded. Additionally, Microsoft does offer the option to keep inactive mailboxes indefinitely, so users can always choose to retain data that may be needed in the future.

Overall, Microsoft's decision to reduce the recovery period for inactive mailboxes demonstrates their commitment to providing users with efficient and effective data management tools. As an expert, I applaud this move and look forward to seeing how it will positively impact users worldwide.