Microsoft needs to deliver a proper PowerShell module for Exchange Online MFA!

Steel Contributor

Right now the workaround is to download a special ClickOnce module.


Which means that for any EXO task, you always have to open the ClickOnce-Terminal.


Not having a proper EXO module is disrupting. Most other PS modules for Office 365 services are already working with MFA. I'm truly astonished that the EXO team could not deliver something that properly integrates itself into existing workflows and the default PowerShell...

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@Kevin Morgan  Thanks for the hint, but third-party products have to walk through an expensive security audit first, so we can't really use those.

They are working on this. So far, we have support for the MFA module in Azure Cloud Shell, a "pure" PowerShell version should be coming soon. Perhaps at Ignite?

@VasilMichevLet's hope for the best then. I'm really unsatisfied with the PowerShell modules they're offering. They're all over the place and you need to go on a internet safari to hunt them all down, instead of having them at one place. The current state of the EXO module is just the cherry on top.