Microsoft Exchange Can't Login in Outlook Desktop

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Hello Everyone,


I have a problem with Outlook Desktop, when I try to Set up in Outlook show this error.

Maybe you have issues like this and share to me how to fix it.

Thank you.


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have you try different network, perhaps you can try with different mailbox if it working

Hi @Don_Vlogeer,

I have tried in different laptop, it is work. But i don't know why, it isn't work in my laptop. 


But when setup my account on my laptop, Outlook doesn't ask for a password. Different when i try on different laptop.

These type of errors generally point to a problem with autodiscover, which is the process that Outlook uses to automatically configure the profile without having to enter all sorts of information about the user and the Exchange infrastructure.

Hi @Dan_Snape,

Yes, How to fix it? Maybe you have experience with it.

@rizalsThere's not enough information for anyone to provide any real insights into what the problem might be here. You can start with this blog which outlines the autodiscover process which should give you some insights into how it's supposed to be configured for your scenario. This blog also has some basic troubleshooting steps you can use. I'd also try the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyser to troubleshoot as well.


If you're using on-prem Exchange my guess is that the autodiscover namespace you are using cannot connect to the Exchange server

Since you have tried it on a different laptop and it works.. What basic troubleshooting steps did you perform. You could also try using the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool
It's Solved. I added account to Access work or school.