Microsoft 365 ohne Exchange


Ich habe ein Microsoft 365 eingerichtet.

Es hat die selbe Domäne wie auch die E-Mail-Domäne unseres lokalen Exchanges.

Microsoft 365 erstellt leider Postfächer für die Benutzer. Diese funktionieren aber nicht, weil ja die E-Mail-Domäne auf den lokalen Exchange-Server verweist.


Ich möchte in Microsoft 365 keine Exchange-Postfächer erstellen, sondern nur die lokalen benutzen.

Kann ich einrichten, dass alle E-Mails an die lokalen Postfächer geschickt werden statt an die Online-Postfächer?

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If you set up AAD Connect correctly, O365 will not create mailboxes in O365.
Please find below URLs for AAD Connect prerequisites and setup process:-


I have not setup AAD currently.

Maybe I should do that.

Is it possible to do that without AAD, too? Like just telling Azure that I do not need mailboxes?

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@FlorianKurrle Yes you can do that too, however letting AAD Connect sync your users to O365 is the best option.

To not assign a mailbox to a user ,when assigning license to them, remember to uncheck the Exchange Online ( Plan 1 or Plan 2 depending upon your license ) under Apps.








Hi, unchecking this exchange online (plan 1 or 2) does make the icon for outlook disappear in the menu (9 dots in upper left hand corner) , but the user can still reach the and use email from there. How can this be suppressed ? In my org i only want a few users to have email.