MFCMAPI does not show "Top of information Store" in Root Container.. what am I doing wrong?


Hi All,


I have a user with corrupt inbox-rules and usually I remove them with MFCMAPI, but somehow it wont show the Top of information Store in the Root container...

I don't do this enough to see what I'm doing wrong now.. 


Few things I know should be this: 


  • MFCMAPI in elevated prompt
  • Exchange cache modus is turned off
  • Default profile

What am I missing here?


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Well, what do you see? Do you have the MDB_ONLINE and the MAPI_NO_CACHE options selected? Don't forget to relog the session or restart MFCMAPI when toggling them.

I've got them toggled as well yeah, I see everything except the top of the information store..

Screen please, hard to guess like that.