Message Read Status Reporting

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Hey Team, 


Does any one here know if there is a canned script that will report on whether or not a user has read a message? 


I realize message tracking can be used to report if a message was delivered, or mailbox auditing reports can be used to track what a user has done with a message (except for owner reads). I also understand there are on-prem cmdlets that can be used to report the same. 


I know you can use Search-Mailbox which is what i have used in the past but I was hoping for something that hasn't been deprecated. 


I found this: doesnt work for exchange online. 


This: - does work but is well beyond my skillset as far as powershell / ews are concerned. 


However what we are in need of is a way to report whether or not a user or list of users (provided via input file) have read messages in their inbox.  





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All those methods give you the *current* status of the message, I can very well read it, mark it unread and pretend I never opened it. So if your goal is to check whether a given message has been read/interacted with, you can use url tracking and such, all those good old marketing (spammer) tricks :)
Another option would be to use the MailItemsAccessed event, but those require advanced auditing and are generally too noisy:
Thanks for your help on this. It looks like that may work, previously I did look at the unified audit logs, but every time I checked for any mail events the results always came back blank. I now realize that we need E5s or An addon for Every user we want to monitor.