Merge mailboxes on two exchange on premise servers

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I am running on premise Exchange 2019 at the moment. I would like to run a 2nd identical copy for some testing purposes.

I was wondering if it would be possible to merge the mailboxes from the 1st and 2nd server in the future and keep both old e-mails and new (test) ones ?


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Assuming you are trying to build a Dev environment for testing purpose.
You can use Exchange DSC to get the details of the existing environment and deploy a new server with similar configuration.

But when it comes to merging mailboxes, you can't merge mailboxes, you will have to create new mailboxes and if its a small environment and you want these mailboxes to have data. Get it using pst (If it is for testing). It will help if you can elaborate on what you are referring to as "Mailbox Merging"
We have had some issues in the past after CU updates and we would like to be prepared in all aspects if something like that happens.
For instance we are running a test lab server and if our main one fails we switch to the test one so users can work and we don't have any downtime. But in the case if we decide to continue working on the test lab server (which would be with identical mailboxes but empty) we would like to be able to somehow merge or migrate the mailboxes or e-mails from the old server. But in bulk of course, because it would be a hefty task to do it manually for our organization.