Meeting Room usage analysis - How to export data for further analysis

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Dear all, 


We are currently trying to figure out how to analyse our meeting room usage. 

We're using Exchange Online.



We have around 75 meeting rooms. Our Facility services would really appreciate if we could give them some sort of data on how often the rooms are used (frequency), how many are using them etc. Their needs are in the context of "how should we shape the meeting rooms in the future, should we build more in one location, and close down some in another location and so on". 


We have tried powershell using comandlets "Get-CalendarDiagnosticLog" and "Get-CalendarDiagnosticAnalysis", but no luck parsing the huge amounts of data into something that makes sense. For instance, the log-date is captures, but from what I can see, not the date/time of the specific room and attendees. 


Help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. 





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Hi again!

Looks like this question will go unanswered. Perhaps I should try to involve 365-support on the matter? Any thoughts?
Thanks Klaus! We did some searches where the first article came up. My colleague tried the first one and said something about why this didn't work in our org, but we'll have another look at it for sure. I haven't seen the second one before, thanks a lot. I've just submitted this in uservoice. All things considered, MS is doing a pretty good job at the moment presenting usage reports in the new portal, although not as granular or detailed as we'd like, it's a good start and I'm sure they would appreciate our ideas as well. Please vote if you think believe that this is somewhat useful ;o) Link will be provided shortly. Seems like the uservoice-site is having issues at the moment.